Shipping & Returns

Returns Policy

If you need to return a shirt…it’s easy. If you have an issue we’ll correct the problem quickly. We ship a lot of apparel, we’re VERY detail oriented but a defect might slip past our quality department. If that’s the case, we’ll immediatly send the individual to a North Korean labor camp for “re-education”. Here's the guidelines…

Returns must be completed within 10 days. Any shirt that's worn, has spaghetti stains, pit sweat rings, or has holes from crawling on your back through a tactical training course, cannot be returned. So basically it's got to be new or don’t even think about it.  

​Odds are you won’t ever need to send one of our shirts back…but if you can’t send it back due to the details above, let us know and we’ll send you a 15% off coupon for your next one!


Black On Ammo Returns Department