Thank you for visiting Black on Ammo Apparel Co. and looking into who we are and what we stand for. The truth is...this company started because we couldn't find shirts that we liked. Finding shirts without words, revolving around our Second Amendment, or having a minimalist graphic footprint...along with high-end materials... seemed nonexistent. So we made shirts for our team...with images that drew questions wherever we went. This grew into requests from friends and family... and that grew into a company.


Black on Ammo is veteran owned and operated. We love this country and everything it stands for. Like you we work hard, and play harder. We are highly motivated. We're shooters... we shoot for fun, for competition and we shoot for food. We love our dogs, our guns, and our freedom, (did I mention we like to shoot?). And physical fitness is essential...we're constantly on the move because we believe movement is the key to life.



We designed our shirts for us to use. The materials we use, color choices, and graphics are all a reflection of who we are and what we like. We are not going to make or sell something that we would not wear ourselves. Except some of the women's shirts...but honestly the reason is I just don't fit into them or else I would wear them, because the graphics are kickass.


Black On Ammo is an ominous military term denoting that a particular resource is gone. We believe and have the mindset that under the most difficult circumstances either conducting military operations, or the battle we call everyday life, you may be “Black” or out of ammunition, but you are never out of options. Trust yourself and always rely on those around you who trust you as much as you care for them..